Denver Real Estate Heats Up

by Mari Takeshita

The Denver Colorado real estate market is now considered a hot market and was rated 9th in the nation.

Buyers will need to be aggressive about offer prices and be ready to jump on the right home. Many homes are off the market in an hour!! And have multiple offers. As a buyer in this market place, you will want to be prepared by having several things to keep in mind:

First, be prequalified and have all your documents into the lender, so they can give you the strongest lender letter. Second, have an experienced Realtor working for you. You need to know how much to offer and how to get your offer written so that it will be considered and accepted. (Unfortunately, be prepared to have to write offers on many homes. You may not get the first one you picked.) Third, be open to the work that you may have to do on bank owned properties and short sales. You are getting a better deal, but may have to consider doing some of those “Honey do- sweet equity jobs around the home.

Buy now and don’t wait till the summer. The prices are going up daily and you will want to buy when there are less people in the market to purchase. Good luck in your search and find your “Home Sweet Home”!

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