When is the best time to purchase a home in Denver, CO?

by: Mari Takeshita

TODAY!! Is the perfect time in Denver.

The Denver housing market has been experiencing several conditions that make purchasing a home ideal. The interest rates are still at all time ¬†lows. The price of homes still much lower than before the mortgage debacle of the 00’s. The foreclosure and short sales still provide good deals. And, it’s tax season; so for those who are receiving a return, here is that time of year that you have extra cash to put down on a home.

With down payment assistance programs such as CHFA, you typically only need $1000.00 towards the down payment. Your Realtor can request the seller to pay for your closing costs. Rental deposits are typically higher than $1000.00, so why wait?

Economist, Jed Smith, stated during his speech at the 2013 Realtor rally in Denver,the biggest issue today isn’t the present value of purchasing, it’s the lack of confidence in the public. He continued to remark, “it’s difficult for someone to see the future when they just went thru a year of financial difficulties or losing their job.”

We are a strong nation, we went thru a financial difficulty, but not the worst the Unites States has seen. We are resilient and we are forward seeking as a nation. This time in the Denver real estate market can be considered as when the planets align…

Don’t wait too long… Summer is just around the corner, when we see the highest sales push, while kids are out of school.