New Construction Denver Colorado


by : Mari Takeshita

New construction homes are back and selling with the increase of our real estate market.

It’s exciting to be the first one living in a home. Just like purchasing a new car. The difference is that the home goes up in value. And of course, like all home purchases, there are tax benefits as well.

But, before you go into a sales office, make sure you have representation of your Realtor with you.

The initial registration is very important and must include the Realtor introduction. (This would be like going to a dealership but being able to bring your own negotiator with you) Experienced Realtors can help you in choosing the lot and the upgrades that will help you in the resale value.

Negotiations also include any fees the builder would pay on your behalf, such as closing costs or free appliances.

Your Realtor will also guide you thru the contract, entire building process and be with you during walk thru and of course at the closing table. Using a Realtor does not cost you any money, because the builder has typically built in the commissions in their cost, and won’t reduce the price if you walk in without representation.

The typical time frame for new construction is 6 months. But that is something your Realtor can discuss with you if you have time constraints. The builder often has “spec homes” that they are building that could be ready in just a couple of months. Spec homes are built knowing that a buyer will purchase the home because it is almost completed.

You will be seeing more and more signs going up for new construction. So when you do, just ask your Realtor to get more information about the community and what they have to offer.

Whether you build a home or purchase a pre-owned home, this is the time to be purchasing.

Mari Takeshita
Your RealtoR
Cherry Creek Properties llc