The Most Important Person in Your Move

by: Joshua Jarvis

If you’re reading this and you are looking for a home to buy, you might be wondering who the most important person in your move is? Of course, the answer is simple, YOU.

Cheesiness aside, who is really the most important person after yourself in a real estate transaction. You might think it’s the seller, or maybe the real estate agent. Maybe it’s the home inspector or surely it’s the attorney, right?

Well in this author’s opinion (and I’m an Atlanta Real Estate agent), it’s the lender, and here’s why.

  1. You’ll never know what you can buy or whether you can afford it without talking to a reputable lender.
  2. In our market today you might not even be able to see the homes without being qualified.
  3. You lending “team” has to navigate appraisals, in some cases inspections, attorney team, titles and the red tape that comes with giving you money that they intend to package together and sell to someone else. (Which is why they can lend you money).
Now your agent helps you find a home and navigate this as well, but without a good lender all you are doing is house hunting.