Time to Plan Your Move


by : Staff

With spring right on our doorstep and the school year winding down, it is important to plan ahead if you are considering a move. Thanks to programs like FHA, many people are able to get loans that would have otherwise been unable to do so. Home loan guidelines are relaxing and lenders are doing many more loans, but the fact is loans are taking a while to complete, with 60 days being not uncommon at all. Now is the time to begin the process if you plan a summer move.

Many first time home buyers are entering the marketplace and it is a great time to do so, rates are low and the housing crisis is over so prices are turning around. Because of relaxing guidelines, many people who were hurt by the recession have now decided to look for home loans, and have begun to look for home loans with bad credit. As a first time home buyer, or a person seeking a home loan for bad credit, it is important to give yourself the time you need in order to attain your goal. If you are a first time home buyer, or are seeking a bad credit home loan your loan will likely take longer to complete than the seasoned home owner with high scores and a great history.

What is my credit score?

Another point to consider, depending upon your location, it may be difficult to place the home of your choosing under contract. Many areas are seeing limited homes on the market, causing multiple offers, and extending the time it takes to purchase a home. We frequently hear that it takes two or three attempts to get a home under contract.

The truth is that you have to give yourself time, these things take time. Certainly there are exceptions, but it might make sense to sit for a moment with a calendar and lay out a plan. Sixty days (two months) to find a home, another sixty days (two months) to work through the loan process and another thirty days for variables make this a five month commitment. If you start today, you can get this done before fall, so get to it.

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