For Less Competition Go Home Shopping While it is Snowing


by Mari Takeshita

What is all the snow doing for your opportunity to purchase a home?

It has slowed down buyers and some Realtors from looking.. I have noticed that in just the last few

Snow storms, that showings dropped down.. That doesn’t mean you can take 2 or 3 days before you look at the homes; it means,, RUSH-GO NOW- and have a better chance of writing an offer and getting the home you want.

I have had several buyers that have been the lucky ones able to get their offer in and be accepted by the seller. You should do the same. Instead of a dozen showings, there were only 3-4. Rather than competition with 5-6 offers, there were only 3 of us. It makes a big difference when the cash buyer thinks he has all the money and can wait till the weather warms up for him to go look.

The weather isnt the only advantage you have right now.. The interest rate dropped down from 4.1 to 3.75 on the Colorado CHFA down payment assistance program. The regular rate has also dropped.. Its Christmas in April !!

The rumor was the rates would be going up and they had take an upswing.. A small drop is still a good thing! One quarter drop in interest rate equals about $20 dollars a month.,,. That is $7200 for the life of the loan.. It does add up in the long run.. A half point decrease in rate allows you to purchase about $5000 more in home with the same payment. That is worth while when you know you are competing with other offers.

School is almost out and that will bring another large group of buyers into the market to purchase homes.. That means more competition for the same home that you love too.. Be proactive and start the process as soon as possible to take advantage that you have at this moment.. Rate- Price- Down payment assistance and a lot of snow is all good for home buyers in the Denver Metro area.

You can be pre-qualified for your mortgage loan in just a couple of hours and be out tomorrow previewing homes, and closing on your home in May before the summer buyers are even out the door.

Your Lender will determine with you the price point you qualify to purchase and the down payment assistance program that meets your needs.

The Realtor will have you in several homes to choose from the following day.. The home you will be able to call “Home sweet Home”

Mari Takeshita
Your Realtor
Cherry Creek Properties llc