Are you ready to buy a home?

by: Joshua Jarvis
NAR (National Association of Realtor) has come out and said that it’s a great time to buy and sell real estate. As cliche’ as this is, it is uniquely true in some markets. In my home market of Atlanta Real Estate this is definitely the case.
What would determine this statement?
Prices are low, interest rates are low, so it’s a good time to buy. However, inventory is low so it’s a good time to sell, assuming you have the equity to do so as prices are at a premium.
So the question is, “are you ready for real estate?” Meaning are you ready to do what it takes to take advantage of this market? This means getting approved before you look at homes, having your finances in order. This means knowing what you want, but also knowing what you can live with. It might mean setting your expectations lower in some area.
Take for instance Hamilton Mill homes. If you want live in this neighborhood you might have to accept what you can get as it pops on the market. The upside is that the homes are in many cases lower priced than they were when they were originally built and with the interest rate being what it is, your payment will never be lower than right now.
So it’s a good time to buy and sell in this market but you need to have some facts and be prepared before you go out.