Do You Really Want To Buy THAT Home?

by : Joshua Jarvis

The real estate market is on fire, but that doesn’t change the desire of home buyers that are out looking. For the past 10 years buyers have asked the same sort of questions and looked for the same sort of things. This isn’t a bashing buyer article, no, what we’re discussing here is the desires of buyers.

For example, we constantly have buyers looking for Lawrenceville homes for sale and they will want homes inside the city limits of Lawrenceville to save on utilities, short sale homes, new construction, foreclosed homes, or for sale by owner homes.

These are all good “thoughts” that are from the foundational thought of saving money. We tend to want to flip these desires with our client by asking: “Do you want a ____________ (short sale,foreclosure, etc) or do you want the best home on the market?”

Ultimately, whatever your reason for moving you shouldn’t base it on the “hot” wording today. In the case of the city limits request, this is an ultimate savings of less than $50 a month. In fact, in every “special request” there’s a downside to it that the media doesn’t often explain.

The best home for you might be a regular person selling their home traditionally or an investor selling to avoid tax consequence. Home buyers should focus on the home for their family (assuming it’s not JUST an investment) and not some buzz word for the moment.