Know Your Options In Buying A Home

by: Joshua Jarvis

Most home buyers will decide to buy a home and start looking on the internet. Their search might land them on any number of sites known as listing aggregators, the z’s, t’s and r’s of the world. These sites have one thing in mind… TRAFFIC. Yep, that’s right, their number one goal is website traffic and it’s not to help the home buying consumer.

On top of that, there’s even less information about loan products. The lending industry is under such scrutiny that most loan officers don’t want to blog or share information publicly for risk of losing their license. So you can forget about a great post about first time home buyer programs in Georgia for instance.

It’s no surprise then that home buying consumers have no idea or even worse, wrong information when buying a home. The key is knowing the process and knowing your options. Here’s a few steps to follow to keep you on the right path.



  1. First, you need to start with your budget. Sounds very 101 but in 10 years of working in Atlanta real estate, I can tell you most do not do this.
  2. Next, talk to a loan professional – but do it from the stand point of your budget you created not just what you qualify for.
  3. While you are talking to the loan person identify the “hurdles” to you for home ownership. If it’s down payment ask if there are any special programs.
  4. Don’t forget to tell the loan person about things they didn’t ask about such as medical bills, other expenses that might not show up on a credit report.
  5. With this information you’ll know exactly what you can get financially. Then seek out a real estate agent to assist you, they are virtually cost free when buying a home.