Choosing the Right Team

by : Joshua Jarvis

First and foremost you want to have a competent real estate agent.  In the Atlanta Real Estate market, it’s become a seller’s market and every advantage a buyer has can help them win a home.  This is a six figure decision so interview your agent.

A good real estate agent will have a preferred lender.  Not because of some sort of kickback but rather because they know what to expect from this lender.  There’s some other reasons why you want to use their referred lender:
  • Make the closing date – more often then not, the agent knows their lender can close on time.  Lenders that are out of state may not be familiar with the market or the closing time frames.  If you’re buying a foreclosed property then be prepared to pay for each day you’re late for closing.
  • No Surprises during the offer period – A good lender will stay in communication with the agent so that when the agent makes the offer they know how much closing costs if any to ask for, as well as other specific terms.
  • No Surprises at the closing table – Regulators have done as much as they can to stop surprises at the closing table, but they still happen.  A lender  that is recommended will know that this is a lose/lose for all parties.
A great home buying experience often starts with a team of individuals working together.  That’s especially true of the lender and real estate agent.