Did you Miss The Real Estate Bandwagon?

by: Joshua Jarvis

With interest rates creeping up, you might have thought that your home buying hopes are gone, maybe you missed the market.   It’s true that rates are higher and it’s unlikely they will go down.  It’s also true that prices are up too in most markets (Up over 30% in the Atlanta real estate market).

When taken as a whole though, the interest rates and the home prices are still lower then we had just 6 years ago.  The bottom was last year (at least in Atlanta), but that doesn’t mean you don’t have a shot at getting in on the rise of real estate again.

Over the last 50+ years, real estate has still been a steady investment for home owners.  Like any “market” there’s been ups and down.  The problem with most markets is that the buyers and sellers often have short memories and act on recent events.

The best decisions on something that’s cyclical is to look at the history.  You didn’t miss the band wagon but it’s due to leave the station in the next 2 years.

Joshua Jarvis

Jarvis Team Realty