Key Areas to Pay Attention to When Buying a Home

Always make sure to do a Home Inspection.

 By : Mari Takeshita


Electrical– Even new homes can have problems with electrical. Older homes could have outdated electrical boxes. Have a complete home inspection to rule out any problems.


Foundation– Even cracks that look minor could indicate major problems. A home inspection will help determine what is a regular and minor foundation crack and what is an irregular foundation crack that could lead to problems later. Something like planting the wrong kind of trees can lead to foundation issues. Your home inspector will be able to determine if there are causes for concern.


Plumbing– Plumbing can be expensive to fix. If you see an area that has been repaired, check for cracks or areas that have not been properly caulked. Improper caulking can lead to leaks which can lead to mildew and mold. One area this is commonly seen is around sinks. Check the back of the sink to make sure it is properly caulked. Mold issues frequently arise in the walls and cabinets around sinks due to leaks.


Attic– Check the attic or storage spaces for damage that might otherwise be hidden. Most home damage can be covered up with repairs, however, in the attic you can tell if there have been leaks by seeing the condition of the wood of the roof. If the insulation is new, then there was probably a repair.


Landscaping– There should be 12 inches between landscaping and the home. New construction homes will have 4-6 feet of dry area between the structure and landscaping.  Moisture and plants can damage the foundation. Large trees are beautiful but need to be kept small so the do not damage sewer lines and foundations.


Once you are under contract on the home of your dreams, you will then order a home inspection. Ask you Realtor to advise you on who is recommended.  By having a thorough inspection, you will be able to determine if the house is sound and you should continue with the purchase or if you will be asking for inspection issues to be resolved by the seller.