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U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Housing


USDA Rural Development in California is your “one-stop service center” to promote economic opportunities, affordable housing, stronger community infrastructure and myriad opportunities for rural communities, rural business owners and residents. Click on the links below to learn more about the diverse and dynamic programs available to you from USDA Rural Development:

Business and Cooperative Program

Small rural businesses are engines that rev local economies. USDA Rural Development’s Business and Cooperative Program helps fuel economic growth that leads to job creation and a wellspring of benefits. USDA Rural Development is a valuable business partner, investing more than $110 million in loan and grant funds in 2006 to small businesses and local economic developers. In 2006, 374 jobs were saved and 561 jobs were created through the results of Rural Development’s business programs.

Community Program

What does a glass of clean drinking water, a shiny-red fire engine and a new roof for a senior citizens center have in common? They are some of the vital community projects that USDA Rural Development’s Community Program has funded to improve the quality of life of rural residents. In 2006, $83 million in loans, grants and technical assistance was awarded to strengthen local communities literally from the ground up.

Utility Program

USDA Rural Development’s Community Program administers help in the form of grants and loans to renovate and modernize water, waste water and storm drainage projects. Technical assistance is administered to ensure that rural systems are cost-effective. Through USDA Rural Development, rural communities also benefit from loans and grants for distance learning and telemedicine programs. Rural communities cannot thrive without vital community facilities. Rural Development’s Utility Program is a valuable partner with local community leaders and economic development organizations to improve community facilities.

Single-Family Housing Program

“Home sweet home” is a phrase that is becoming more familiar to a growing number of Californians thanks to USDA Rural Development’s Single-Family Housing Program. Rural Development is helping Californians realize the dream of homeownership through its single-family housing programs. In 2006, Rural Development invested more than $90 million in its single-family housing programs, which include direct and guarantees loans, a Mutual Self-Help Housing program and a home repair assistance program.

Multi-Family Housing Program

Home ownership is desired by a growing number of Californians, but because of limited incomes, rising real estate prices and other factors, residents rely on affordable rental housing. In 2006, USDA Rural Development invested nearly $91 million in multi-family housing programs to help rural renters. Rural Development’s Multi-Family Housing Program has diverse programs to assist renters.

Community Development

Community Development administers the Empowerment Zones and Enterprise Communities (EZ/EC) program, to provide economically depressed rural areas and communities with real opportunities for growth and revitalization. Its mission is to create self-sustaining, long-term economic development in areas of pervasive poverty, unemployment and general distress.