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Homeownership Assistance Programs

The Housing and Property Management Division is working to help Hartford’s citizens achieve the goal of homeownership. We currently offer loan programs that primarily serve low-income and moderate-income households seeking to purchase a home in the City.

Our HouseHartford and Homeownership Appraisal Gap Financing programs have contributed to the livability and stability of Hartford’s housing stock by providing financial assistance to potential homebuyers. HouseHartford is a mortgage program offering mortgage interest rate buy-downs or downpayment and closing cost assistance, and the Homeownership Appraisal Gap Financing program promotes the affordability of newly developed or rehabilitated homes. Both programs have played a significant role in helping citizens become first time homebuyers, and sparking the revitalization of Hartford’s neighborhoods.

The primary purpose of the Homeownership Appraisal Gap Financing Program is to provide financing for the new construction, and or rehabilitation of vacant, deteriorated homes in order to increase the rate of homeownership in Hartford.

The Homeownership Appraisal Gap Financing Program commits financing to the developer (for-profit and non-profit), which is then made available to the homebuyer. The “Gap” is the difference between the total project costs and either the appraised value of the property at closing or the actual purchase price. Substantial efforts must be made by the developer to sell the property at or above the appraised value.

The Homeownership Appraisal Gap Financing Program Parameters

The City will provide the minimum assistance to bridge an appraisal gap. Appraisal Gap Financing will not be provided to projects with unreasonable or inflated costs. Luxury items such as swimming pools, Jacuzzis, etc. will not be eligible for Appraisal Gap Financing. Appraisal Gap Financing will not be available as a construction loan or as a loan to developers. Loans will only be made to the actual homebuyer/owner-occupant. Support will be in the form of a 0% loan, having a seven-year term to the homebuyer. If the borrower complies with the conditions of the loan, namely, maintains the residence as the borrower’s primary residence for the required periods of occupancy; maintains the property; complies with the terms and conditions of any first mortgage; and maintains appropriate hazard insurance, the City’s loan will be reduced pro-rata based upon the time the homeowner has occupied the unit. The buyer’s first mortgage financing shall be from sources that finance close to 100% of the appraised value. The first mortgagee will escrow taxes and insurance. First mortgages not requiring income verification are not allowed.

The maximum Appraisal Gap Assistance will be $20,000 per unit with a maximum of $40,000 on any one property. No more than 20% of the total development cost can be soft costs (developer’s fees and profit included). The amount of the financing provided will be the lesser of the difference between the total project costs and either the appraised value (1st Mortgage Lenders Appraisal) of the property at closing or the actual purchase price. A cost certification prepared by an independent Certified Public Accountant and paid for by the developer will determine the total project costs and must be submitted prior to any funds being dispersed.Project Underway
Quality, Comfort, Convenience, Value: These are the hallmarks of the Townhomes at Dutch Point, a new 58 home condominium development, located at the heart of the distinctive Sheldon Charter Oak neighborhood in Hartford.
The Townhomes have been designed with the best of modern amenities while giving a respectful nod to the historic character of the area. New tree-lined streets maximize stunning views of the nearby Church of Good Shepherd and Colt Park, a central park, play space and community building. The Townhomes combine an urban lifestyle and small town neighborhood charm. Come experience the best of city living in Hartford.

Dutch Point developed by The Community Builders, Inc. in partnership with the Hartford Housing Authority. For more information, please call The Townhomes at Dutch Point Sales Office toll free at (888) 832-2162 or by email to

Required Periods of Occupancy and Recapture Provisions
The City’s mortgage will be a 0%, non-amortizing loan, forgivable after 7 years provided the borrower maintains the property as their primary residence for a period of not less than 7 years. Should the borrower move, sell or transfer title within the first 5 years the total amount of the loan will be due and payable. Should the borrower move, sell or transfer title within the remaining 2 years, the loan will be forgiven at the rate of 50% after five full years, 75% after six full years, and 100% after seven full years.
For More Information On The Appraisal Gap Program Please Contact:

Owen J. Humphries, Jr., Project Manager
City of Hartford
Department of Development Services
Housing and Property Management Division
250 Constitution Plaza
Hartford, CT 06103