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Family Housing Advisory Services (Council Bluffs)


How do I go about
buying a home?
What types of loans
do I qualify for?
How is my credit?
Family Housing Advisory Services Inc., Pre-
Purchase Program, has helped hundreds of
people realize the dream of homeownership.
Our services include,
but are not limited to:
• Pre-Purchase Education
• Individual Housing Counseling
• Budget Counseling
• Post-Purchase Counseling
Family Housing Advisory Services, Inc. is a
United Way community-based agency that
is certified by the Department of Housing
and Urban Development (HUD) to provide
comprehensive housing counseling.
What is the FHAS Mission?
To build community and increase housing
opportunities by empowering people to
secure and sustain safe, affordable housing.
Family Housing Advisory Services, Inc. has
provided comprehensive housing counseling
since 1968, and homebuyer education
workshops since May of 1996.
Who Should Attend our
Comprehensive Workshop?
ALL potential home buyers that fall into
the following categories:
• Stable employment for two years
• Positive cash flow: income vs. debts
Home Inspection
• Is getting a home inspection important?
• Contingency in the purchase agreement?
• What kind of insurance do I need?
• How much insurance do I need?
Warning Signs of Predatory Lending
What if I’m unable to purchase?
Make an appointment to visit with one of our
counselors and we will work with you to help
you reach your dream of homeownership.
Start your path to homeownership
Call today to register for the
next available workshop!
402-934-1777 or 1-888-573-0495
Visit us on the web at:
FHAS – Family Housing
Advisory Services Offices:
Main Office
2401 Lake Street
Omaha, NE 68111
(402) 934-7921
South Office
3605 Q Street
Omaha, NE 68107
(402) 546-1013
Council Bluffs Office:
10 South 4th Street
Council Bluffs, IA 51503
(712) 322-4436
• Savings/Entry cost funds available to
purchase ranging from 1 to 6 percent of
the purchase price
• Marginal to excellent credit
In the workshop, you learn about becoming
a homeowner, gain confidence about the
process, and understand maintaining your
home. We cover the following topics in the
workshop and/or one-on-one counseling.
Real Estate Process
• The role of the realtor
• Finding the home that is right for you
• Legal documents
• Negotiation process and discussion
of scenarios
Available Programs
• Community Development
• Lending Programs
New Construction
Closing Process
• What’s involved in the process?
• How much money will I need?
Home Maintenance
Mortgage Refinancing
• When is the right time to refinance?
• When is not the right time to refinance?
Post-Purchase Counseling
• When should I notify my mortgage
company if I can’t make my monthly
• What options are available?
Reverse Equity Mortgages
• How much home can I afford?
• The lender’s calculation vs. your budget
Budgeting/Money Management
• Improve your financial position
• Learn to save money for your closing cost
• What kind of credit do I have?
• How can I improve my credit?
Financing/Financial Options
• How do I choose the right financing?