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St. Charles


Homeownership Assistance Program

The City of St. Charles issues downpayment assistance of up to $10,000 for qualified home buyers. Prospective clients must meet the 80% or below of the area medianincome levels established by HUD and must complete a HUD certifiedhousing counseling training program.

Income eligibility :Maximum gross income based on the number of persons living in the household and their combined income:1 person household,$36,9002 persons,$42,2003 persons,$47,450 4 persons,$52,7005 persons,$56,9506 persons,$61,150

Call Community Development to request a brochure detailing the hous-ing counseling training program,636\949-3222

How much house can I afford? Multiplyyour annual gross income by 2.5*Example:Annual gross income$30,000 x 2.5 = a $75,000 priced home.What is the monthly payment for a$75,000 home? You can get a roughidea by dividing the cost by $100,whichequals $750.00 per month.

Housing Counseling Training – Many first-time homebuyers are intimidated by the home buying process,which can be complex. The objective ofthe course is to educate you on the homebuying process.When you complete this program youwill have a good understanding of:• How to budget for a home• Credit repair & applying for financing• Selecting a real estate agent• How to find the right home• The final step- the closing process• Why its important to maintain a homeTO REGISTER FOR HOUSINGCOUNSELING CLASSES CALL:North East Community Action Corporation