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City of Joplin


Occupancy and Ownership

The applicant must be an individual or
family who owns and occupies or is the
purchaser-occupant of a single family
dwelling unit for a period of six (6) months
prior to the application for the program
and must provide proof of legal
ownership, or proof of a valid sales
contract duly recorded.

The owner (s) must repay the grant if the
applicant is determined to have made any
material false statement or preparation in
the application. The owner (s) who receive
grant must repay the cost of the
grant if the property is sold within twentyfour
(24) months from the date of Proceed
Order issued by the City of Joplin
except in the case of death of one or more
of the owners of record of the property.

Income Limitations

The most recently published
definition of very low-income family by the
Department of Housing and
Urban Development shall be used to
qualify the property owner for
benefits of the City’s Single Family

Residential Dwelling programs.

Income qualifications
Family Size:
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8____
26,950 30,800 34,650 38,500 41,600 44,700 47,750 50,850
Income amount at or below this amount.

Must be the home owner
 Must live in the home
 Must have lived in the home for six (6)
months or longer
 Income qualify
 Single Family dwelling
 Must not have received any
previous grants during the
previous ten (10) years

Community Development
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Joplin, Missouri 64801
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