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Oregon Housing and Community Services


Oregon Bond Loans

An Overview

OHCS helps Oregon households buy a home by providing below-market rate financing and cash assistance through our Residential Loan Program, also known as the “Oregon Bond Loan.” The program offers a below-market rate which helps eligible families increase their home purchasing power and lower their monthly house payments to be affordable. For both loan options, the eligibility and program requirements are the same.

Two Loan Options
The Program offers eligible borrowers a choice between cash to close or our best rate.

RateAdvantage Home Loan
A qualified borrower will get the lowest fixed rate possible to maximize their home purchasing power.

CashAdvantage Home Loan
A borrower will get a low, fixed interest rate on their home loan along with cash assistance equal to 3% of their loan amount. The cash assistance will help to reduce the toal cash they need to close the loan.