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Home Buying Process

Some people buy a home right away, at the first chance they have to do so. Many people however come to a point after a period of renting that they are simply done with paying another persons mortgage, or are tired of “throwing money away”. Whichever category you find yourself in really has no bearing on the fact that you are ready to buy a home and need a little information as to how to go about it, where to start.

Identify Homes

A great place to start is to identify homes. There are numerous websites that allow you to search for homes for sale. Also, as you drive in neighborhoods that you like, look for homes for sale. Think about your needs, look at how many bathrooms and bedrooms you will need, whether or not you need a yard, or garage, and things will come together.

Find A Realtor

Realtors are a wonderful asset when looking to buy a home. They are skilled in all the details of the transaction, and have access to listings of homes that you cannot find elsewhere. Compensated by the seller, they are a “free” service for the buyer and a great ally.

Buyer’s Agent


The next thing that should come into mind is what you can afford, and how much down payment is going to be needed. FHA requires only 3.5% of a down payment, a great option. Also, think about 25% of your gross monthly income covering your mortgage payment. This is not exact, but gives you a good place to start.

Example – Monthly income = $3000 (before taxes).  A healthy loan amount would be around $750 per month. $3,000 x .25.

Get Pre-Approved or Pre-Qualified can assist in every part of the process, most people seem to need our help for this part. Before you really go home shopping, or certainly before you make an offer on a house –


Pre – approval will help you understand what you can borrow, how much it will cost, and how much down payment will be needed.

House Hunting

Now that you are pre – approved, you can take the letter that says so to a realtor or seller of a home and take a look! Now you can really begin to narrow your search for the homes you want. This is the point where you will set up appointments to see homes, and drive the neighborhoods to see what is offered.

Make an Offer

Nothing so far has cost you any money, and this part is free also! Once you have found a home that you like, it is recommended that you write a formal offer with the help of a Realtor or attorney. The offer will have the price, and dates that will have to be met for inspection, appraisal and the closing of the loan among others. If your offer is accepted you will have to supply a small (most times) refundable deposit.


You will want to have your new home inspected before you buy it. Home Inspectors are licensed professionals that will find all the imperfections in a home. This gives you power to negotiate the price, and a great list of things to accomplish once you own the home.

Lead Based Paint Pamphlet.


Since your home is a major investment, it should of course be insured.  If there is a mortgage on your home, the lender will require that it be insured.  There are several types of insurance.  How much insurance and what types of insurance you have will depend on a number of factors; the location of the home, home value, home construction, applicable laws, deductibles, costs, and etc.

Home Insurance Information.


Signing day! On this day you will have to have the down payment if any is required, your license, passport or ID, and a pen to sign all the documents that go into a home loan. You are signing a contract, so expect to sign a lot, and don’t forget to get the keys to your new house!!