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Market Trends

Interest rates are as low as ever. Any time that is true the sense is that they have nowhere to go but up, and after a long run at the bottom, most experts think the time is likely near for them to begin to rise. Interest rates have a lasting effect on what your expenses are for the life of the loan. A $200,000 mortgage at 3.5% is almost $20,000 cheaper over 30 years than the same loan at 4%. All this is said because now is likely a better time to buy a home than because of interest rates than one year from now.

FHA loan programs offer low interest rates.

Home prices have rebounded in many areas. The phrase that what goes down will come up has historically carried weight in real estate. After considerable losses in value nationwide, many markets have begun to come back up, head back to values that were seen before the losses occurred. Some markets have even seen 20% increase in pricing in the last 12 months, meaning that if you bought a $200,000 home in one of those areas one year ago, your home would be worth $24,000 more than you paid for it. All this is said because the belief is that more losses are not in store for the housing market, making now a great time to enter the market and buy a home.

FHA loan programs offer low down payments, low credit requirements, and low closing costs.