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You’re thinking it’s time to purchase a home.  Whether it’s your first, second, or tenth home, it’s exciting and a little scary.

You’re asking yourself a lot of questions about the loan, the style of home, the school district. And on and on…
What do you do now?

Finding a Realtor is your first step.

A knowledgeable and experienced Realtor will guide you thru the process, with answers to all your questions. More importantly, the Realtor’s experience allows him/her to answer questions that you didn’t even know to ask. And the exceptional Realtor anticipates all issues that arise in a real estate transaction and has you covered from all possible concerns.

The real estate process has gotten more and more complicated.  But with technology advances and information so readily available, buyers believe that purchasing a home is easier than it’s ever been.  They found their perfect home on line from the convenience of their coach. “How hard could it be?” They ask themselves.

Finding the home is the fun part.. It’s from that point on that makes a buyer stress and think the universe is trying to tell them “don’t do it”.  This is where the Realtor is the key to a successful transaction.

I recommend you interview several Realtors and here are a few questions you will want to ask.

1.  How many buyer transactions have they closed?

2.  Ask for references from their past buyer clients.

3. How familiar is that Realtor with the area and price point you want to consider.

4.  If you are short of down payment funds, what assistance programs does he/she recommend?

5.  Ask the Realtor to explain the process of purchasing a home.

Does that person explain the process thoroughly and listen and respond to what you are asking and saying.

By the time you have closed on your home, the Realtor knows just about everything about you.
Are you comfortable sharing who you are with that person?

Spend more time finding the right Realtor.
The right Realtor will find the perfect home for you and also make sure you successfully close on your “Home sweet home”.

If you want to learn more about the buying process or have any questions, please feel free to contact me.
Your Realtor,
Mari Takeshita
Cherry Creek Properties LLC
Denver Co